Latest minimum wages in New Delhi (April 2019 And October 2019)

As per the recent notification from Delhi Government, the revised minimum wages for unskilled workers have been fixed at Rs 14,842 per month, Rs 16,341 per month for semi-skilled workers and Rs 17,991 per month for skilled workers.

In the past, many employers’ associations filed a petition against the Delhi government’s March, 2017 notification to increase minimum wages. Later, the high court struck down the notification and the government challenged it in the Supreme Court. The case was pending for almost two years & finally on October 14, 2019, the Supreme Court gave order in favour of the Delhi government & allowed the government to notify revised minimum wages for workers.

The Government of Delhi, Labour Department vide Order no. 12(142)/02/MW/VII/3636 dated 23rd October, 2019 has notified the applicable Rates of Minimum Wages in Delhi after including both the installments of DA (April and October, 2019) which shall be payable for all the categories of workers w.e.f. 1st April 2019 and 1st October 2019 respectively.

The Government Of Delhi has also released minimum rates of wages for the National Capital Territory of Delhi effective 22nd October 2019 vide notification number F. 13(1)/2018/MW/Lab/3602.

The rates after including both installments of DA (April & October, 2019) shall be as follows in all schedule employments for different categories of workers

Category Rates notified vide notification dated 03-03-17 Minimum wages after adding DA allowed by SC DA wef 01-04-19 Minimum wages after adding DA wef 01-04-19 to 30-09-19 DA wef 01-10-19 Minimum wages after adding DA wef 01-10-19 to 22-10-19 Minimum wages wef 22-10-19 vide notification 13(1)2018/MW/Lab/3602
Unskilled 13350 14000 468 14468 338 14806 14842
Semi-skilled 14698 15400 520 15920 364 16284 16341
Skilled 16182 16962 546 17508 416 17924 17991
Clerical & supervisory staff
Non matriculates 14698 15400 520 15920 364 16284 16341
Matriculate but not graduate 16182 16962 546 17508 416 17924 17991
Graduate & above 17604 18462 598 19060 462 19522 19572

You can download both the notification mentioned above from the below attached link.

The Delhi Minimum Wages Notification (April 2019 And October 2019)

The Delhi Minimum Wages Notification 22nd October 2019 (2)

As per the Government, this increase in minimum wages is going to benefit around 55 lakh workers in the city. However, the Confederation of All India Trader (CAIT) are opposing this decision saying it is going to impose a major financial burden on traders and employers. They are asking to roll-back this unilateral decision of Government.

Tell us about your views on this move of Delhi Government.

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    what was the govt.notificatona about minimum wages in delhi in sep.2019


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